Exploring a new way to protect preserve and popularise historical artifacts in the 21st century

The coronavirus pandemic has had and will have a unprecedented impact on museums all over the world.  We know adapting and exploring the virtual world is vital for the future of the arts and culture sector. During the pandemic Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies presented museums with innovative solutions to engage with audiences.

Holographic Desktop Augmented Reality software is the way forward in many areas including arts and culture enabling museums and galleries to reach wider audiences in a more engaging, innovative way. These exhibitions will not only showcase the artefacts in an exciting manner but will also showcase this technology as the future of learning and education. 

At Logosflow we are delighted to be working with such cutting-edge technology and we are really excited about the opportunities these experiences present for clients.

The Holo-Museum

The Holo-Museum is a flagship partnership with the Anglo-Boer War Museum in South Africa, Imperial War Museum in the United Kingdom and technology partners GT Advisory and Perception.  This project is an exciting new global collaboration that opens up South African heritage and art to museumgoers worldwide, while democratising not only art but education opportunities.

As the globe grapples with increasing social injustice and inequality and where contemporary economics and politics tend to serve to exacerbate existing divisions, loci that have the power to unite and cohere take on great importance. The Holo-Museum increases accessibility to art and artefacts as viewers are no longer restricted by their location and can view an array of exhibitions from the comfort of their own homes. Not to mention the benefit to education. Students, art lovers and anyone interested in history have access to (what is on track to become) the world’s largest holographic museum collection. 

Would you like to partner with the Holo-Museum?

We are expanding our scope to cooperate with Museums and Galleries in Africa. Are you a curator interested in Partnering? Send us an email with a short introduction on your museum and what you hope to get from a partnership, and we’ll get back to you. 

Link to Holo-Museum


01 February 2022

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